Singapore Lawyer: Six mistakes to avoid when hiring the right lawyer

Singapore Lawyer - 6 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring The Right Lawyer

Finding and hiring the right lawyer in Singapore is not only essential to win a case but is crucial to ensure that you do not end up facing graver dilemmas even when you have to lose. Most people have the tendency to think that any lawyer would be able to handle their case forgetting that lawyers have their specialized areas of law such as civil, criminal, bankruptcy and DUI. The mistake of not finding the right lawyer at the right time results in loss of money and time. Here are six mistakes you should avoid committing when hiring the right lawyer in Singapore.

1. Hasty Hiring: It is an accepted fact that most people hunt for lawyers only when they hastily need one. This in most case makes them hire the first lawyer they meet. The probability of getting the best lawyer following this strategy is very bleak. So, to find the best and the right one, you need to give yourself as much time as is permitted to get appointments with as many lawyers as possible. Take the advantage of free the consultations that many lawyers offer to pick your choice. Keep on hunting until you are satisfied that you’ve found the right one who perfectly fits your bill.

2. Hiring an acquaintance because you know: If you have a friend or a relative who is a lawyer and you are in need of a lawyer, will you hire him right away? Most people will take the wrong instantaneous decision of hiring a lawyer who they knew. Well, this does not imply that you should not hire someone you know even if they possess the relevant expertise, experience and is an expert in your field. What is meant here is that, first you need to look around for the most suitable specialist in the area that you seek advice or counsel and hire only the best. Provide yourself ample time to investigate about as many lawyers as possible, have as much conversations and interviews with them in order to find the best. If the best turns out to be someone who you knew before, it is an added advantage.

3. Going by the name: Many people have the tendency to think that long years of practice or owning bigger law firms ensure better outcome for their clients. This is a wrong concept as most of them can turn out to be just hypes. It is not necessarily those people with long years of practice who will make you win but it is those that have time to understand you and your requirements. Most experienced lawyers with long years of practice and those working in big law firms hardly have time for their clients. And if this is the scenario you are in, it is better to find the one who’ll have enough time to sit and discuss with you your requirements.

4. Not asking what you want: Asking questions is the only way to know whether the lawyer you are going to hire is fit for your purpose or not. Most people tend to be timid about asking questions and this can bring about grave situations. Opening up is pertinent for both the lawyer and you to understand each other and this is realized if you ask him questions no matter how silly you may think they are.

5. Vague money deal: Will you hire a Singapore lawyer if his fees are low? Not necessarily, your selection will depend on many other factors. Cost is not be the prime concern for many people, but it becomes a bone of contention when the detail is not discussed initially but left to understanding. Hesitating to talk about your budget and not discussing about the rates and fee structures of the prospective lawyer before hiring can spell disaster. Knowing your liabilities, discounts, and fee arrangement details makes a lot of sense. Hire only if the bill fits and not necessarily if the person or firm fits. To make sure that there are no disputes in the matter of fees, it is good to sign an agreement that defines all known parameters for which you are asked to spend.

6. Tele Hiring: Never hire a Singapore lawyer over the telephone or by just reading an attractive newspaper or online advertisement about the lawyer. By hiring him, you are putting your future in his hands and this deserves to be done after a series of face to face interviews with him. Shoot whatever queries you may have to know him and also to let him know you. This is the only way you can be assured of his commitments and capabilities.


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